Meet Huebert!


the Huemanatee


Meet Huebert - Bring The Ocean Home!

  • Huebert can explore your space on his own, or follow you around
  • Say “Hey Huebert!” to get started! He can “Come”, “Stay”, “Go Home”, and “Explore”
  • Place flags around the room in “Explore” mode to help Huebert swim around
  • Airtap to place Huebert’s nest anywhere in your space – it will stay there even if you close the app! You can “Move Huebert’s Home” using voice
  • Take and share a video of Huebert by saying “Hey Cortana – Take a video”.

Get it on Windows 10


Engage and Preserve

Despite their popularity, Manatees and other aquatic animals are often forgotten as endangered species. We hope Huebert gives you a chance to engage with Manatees in a safe and fun way, and encourages you to support conservation efforts near you and around the world.

visit to get involved 


 Getting Started

When you first boot up Huebert, you will see a floating island in front of you. This is Huebert’s nest – his virtual home. Airtap to place it anywhere in your room. The nest’s location is saved, and it will show up back in the same place next time you open the app. The main menu will open once you place the nest – if you can’t find it, simply airtap on the nest or say “Show Menu”.

When you’re first getting started, we recommend clicking “Learn” so you get the chance to test out all of Huebert’s commands. Once you finish, feel free to let Huebert explore, or to play with him using the “Come” and “Explore” Commands.


 Voice Commands

For Huebert:

Say “Hey Huebert”, wait for the beep, then say:

  • “Come”: When you tell Huebert to come, he will swim over to you, then follow you around. If he catches up to you or gets too close, he will start to swim in slow circles around you until you move or he gets tired.
  • “Stay”: If told to stay, Huebert will stop swimming and turn to face you. He will keep turning towards you until he gets another command, or until he gets tired and heads back to his nest.
  • “Go Home”: If you want Huebert to go back to his nest, you can tell him to go home. He will swim straight back to his nest, and will wait there until you give him another command, or until he gets bored after a while and decides to wander around.
  • “Explore”: Huebert likes to explore your room, but he needs a bit of help sometimes. If you say Explore, you will be able to airtap anywhere in the room to place flags tha Huebert can swim to. Put them on the ceiling, the floor, walls, or anywhere else! If you tell Huebert a new command, the flags will stay in place until the next time he explores.

For The Game:

You can say these at any time:

  • “Move Home / Move Huebert’s Home”: This unlocks Huebert’s nest from its current position, and allows you to place it anywhere in your space using your Gaze. Airtap to place the nest and save its position for future sessions.
  • “Open/Close Menu”: This opens/closes the main menu located above Huebert’s nest. Gaze and Airtap on any of options to select a menu item.



  1. Huebert works best with enough open space to roam. Try to have at least 5 feet of clearance around you.
  2. Make sure you have a good spatial map when using “Explore” mode – you can check by turning on the mesh in the “Options” menu.
  3. After swimming around for a while, Huebert gets tired and needs a break. He will swim back to his nest, rest for a little bit, then swim back out to explore some more.
  4. Huebert is voice activated, and works a lot like Cortana or Siri – say “Hey Huebert”, wait for the confirmation beep, then say your command.



If you have any issues, please feel free to contact our support directly at

If you notice a bug – let us know at! We’ll buy you a coffee, and fix the bug ASAP.