Mirage Holographic

Apps, Utilities, and Resources for Augmented and Virtual Reality


Mirage Holographic is a small development company dedicated to creating content and utilities for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications.

We were the first firm to publish Unity Assets specifically for the Microsoft Hololens, and are happy to count ourselves among the first developers in the Microsoft Hololens App Store with “Huebert”, the virtual Hue-Manatee.

We hope our packages and applications can help make developing for Augmented and Virtual Reality easier, faster, and even more incredible!



Meet Huebert

We are proud to have one of the first apps for Windows Holographic, Huebert! Explore your space with Huebert the (Hue) Manatee.

World Anchor Package

 We also have the first Unity Asset for Hololens Developers:  World Anchor Manager for super easy GameObject positional persistence!